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                 Brook Austin, LTC :
                  LTC# 69590C


Brook Austin has been involved in the family business since 1993, first as a Licensed Tax Preparer, and since 2005 as a Licensed Tax Consultant. In 2012, he became a registered tax return preparer. He is knowledgeable on many tax issues and prepares a full range of personal, partnership, corporation and fiduciary tax returns each year.  He also serves as our small business payroll and accounting specialist.
Brook fully embraces the high ethical standards established by his parents and works diligently to stay abreast of the ever-changing tax laws.

Barbara Schumann, LTC, E.A. :
 LTC# 70656C


Barbara Schumann originally came to us as a client, employed as a capable full-charge bookkeeper for a small business.  We recruited her to join our team in 1995 after she became a newly licensed Tax Preparer.  Since then she has devoted herself to improving her tax knowledge and credentials, becoming a Licensed Tax Consultant in 2003 and earning Enrolled Agent status, an IRS designation, in 2008.  In addition to preparing a substantial number of tax returns each year, she provides business and personal bookkeeping services, and does much to ensure the smooth functioning of our office.
                   Diana Austin, LTP :
                      LTP# 30078P                             
Diana Austin earned her Tax Preparer license in 2004.  As Brook’s wife, in the true spirit of our ongoing family business tradition, she assists during peak tax season with tax return preparation and processing.  She also performs countless other valuable support functions for us throughout the year.